Space Wars


Space Wars is an exciting, fast-paced, 5-reel,4-row, 40-line slot game. The slot game features Wild slots and free re-spin play. In Space Wars, the jackpot prize is doubled whenever a spinning wheel hits a colored metal face. Free re-spin plays are also available when a coin is spun on a “Free Wheel” slot machine.

A little bit of history is all that is needed to understand the theme of Space Wars. In 1974, Slots Incorporated, now known as Cosmo Enterprises, developed the first ever slot game, Space Shuttle Gold. This was later licensed by Microgaming, Inc., and re-branded as Space Wars. In space wars slot machine games, a maximum of three coins can be won in any one game. In addition, there are bonus rounds, which award additional cash if the player plays certain combinations. The slot machine is re-spinned each time a combination of three coins is achieved.

In the base game of Space Wars, two duplicate coins are placed on the board. After rolling a blue “S” shaped token over a hole in the center of the board, a winner is declared. Different versions of the game feature different numbers of coins on the playing field and different colors for the playing cards. Some re-spin features allow the player to obtain extra coins after spinning a re-spin combination, thus increasing the number of possible winning combinations.