Santa Paws


The game of Santa Paws is based on the legend of the North pole myth. In this game, the player has to place his head in a bucket of water while pulling a stick through the water using his other hand. If his bucket falls into the water, Santa Paws will splash in all directions thus releasing the toys to be caught by his furious teeth. If a toy drops into the bucket but doesn’t sink back into the bucket, Santa Paws will stop and let it sink back into the bucket. Once all toys have been released, Santa Paws will throw a big party for his loyal reindeer.

Santa Paws has a powerful free spin feature where Santa Paws randomly chooses gifts from the buckets of water in the playing field. Since it is also a Christmas slot machine, Santa Paws features a snowy winter scene, accompanied by a polar bear, owl, seal and bunny as well as other high value symbols representing Christmas. Royalty are represented by 10, J, Q and A, covered in jewels. Scatters and wilds are depicted as Santa Paws, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer who always prefers to play alone in the house and an orca whale, which normally behave alone at night. These symbols of royalty can be used to increase the values of each gift in the playing field to make them more valuable at the end of the game.

This is the first Christmas-themed slot machine game that using Christmas symbols and sounds like Christmas music. There is a brief tutorial which guides the player about how to handle the penguins, rabbits and the snowmen. When you press the play button, Santa Paws will start to randomly select presents from the buckets of water on the playing field. Once all the presents are collected, they will be delivered to your special gift box. This Christmas themed festive themed slot machine is perfect for a family friendly day at work or a relaxing holiday evening with your loved ones.