Gonzos Quest


Gonzos Quest is a highly addictive online virtual slot machine game for mobile and desktop computers, first released in 2021. It has both a multiplayer casino mode and a non-stop gambling mode. In fact, Gonzos Quest is the first online slot game of NetEnt, an award winning global provider of online casino games and software. A new slot machine game called Crown Wars also has been developed by NetEnt.

The game has a similar set up to that of Microgaming’s Othello: the player will start with a total bankroll of 100 points and will be able to purchase up to four bonus symbols after winning a jackpot. When choosing which symbols to purchase, the player will have to carefully select the “power” symbol, the one with the most coins on the base game. Players must note that the power symbol can only be used once the player has won a base game, and that it will cost them money to activate it. In this regard, it is similar to the word “buy”, in that the player needs to pay to activate the symbol.

After winning a game, players can use their collected free fall symbol points to buy power or bonus symbols. Power symbols increase the players winnings automatically; while bonus symbols multiply the players winnings. It is possible to stop playing at any time, so a player does not have to continuously play just to collect all the free fall symbol points. In addition, players who manage to collect all the free fall symbols during one week are given a special prize, the first place prize being a slot machine. Although, Gonzos Quest features a single free falls game and therefore only a limited number of free falls symbols can be collected per week. As such, the players who collect all the free fall symbols are rewarded with the best prize in the game.