Elements has a new and exciting update that is sure to put a smile on every player’s face. The game has been completely revamped and gives the traditional slots a whole new look and feel. Five-reel, single-row, three-reel slot machine with twenty fixed payline. Bonus features include Wilds, Free spins, elemental coins and accidental wins. You can now play Elements: The Awakening right on your cell phone, perfect for those who live on the go.

One of the best things about Elements is that you are always guaranteed a full house jackpot when you play. No matter how many people leave the machine and walk away, you still have a very good chance of hitting the big one. It is this great winning rate that makes Elements the ultimate casino game on the mobile platform. If you’ve been thinking about trying out new slot machines game, give this one a try, it might just be your favorite new casino game.

For those of you who like playing casino games on the go, or who simply prefer playing casino table games from their cell phones, Elements is definitely a great choice. It offers you everything that you would want in a slot machines game on your cell phone, and at an affordable price. This casino game is now available from the official Element Games Mobile website, along with all of its updated slot machines, for download now. If you like Elements table games, download the latest free version and have a blast.