Secret of the Stones

  You can only have up to 25 characters active on the Secret of the Stones slots machine. When a set of three or more horizontal aligning symbols that starts at the rightmost reels falls on any of the bet line patterns, you will win. Your winnings depend on the »


  Stickers for slot machines are fun to play but are often overlooked by players because they do not receive as much attention as other games in the slot machine database. This is unfortunate because stickers for slot machines are incredibly fun to play and are often used as a »

Space Wars

  Space Wars is an exciting, fast-paced, 5-reel,4-row, 40-line slot game. The slot game features Wild slots and free re-spin play. In Space Wars, the jackpot prize is doubled whenever a spinning wheel hits a colored metal face. Free re-spin plays are also available when a coin is spun on »

Faerie Nights

  To anyone who does not know much about this online flash game, Faerie Nights is the name of a web-based game based on the works of Neil Gaiman. The storyline of the game revolves around an enchanted fairy land named Haven wherein many fairy tales can be found. The »


  Casinomeister is a unique slot machine that offers the player a unique experience with its spinning reels and randomly generated icons. The game is inspired by the popular online discussion board of the same title that advocates for fair treating of players, affiliates, and legitimate online casino operators. For »

Virtual Euros

  The new hot product in Internet gambling is Virtual Euros, a fast-paced casino card game that provides both entertainment and learning for players of all ages. In Virtual Euros the player can experience the thrill of betting real money in a competitive environment. The Virtual Euros site has a »

Cash Crazy

  Cash Crazy by Microgaming is an online slot machine based on the classic video slot games, with three revolving reels and only a single payoff point. The whole theme of this game is crazy professor who has suddenly hit it lucky through one of his many innovative but crazy »

Gonzos Quest

  Gonzos Quest is a highly addictive online virtual slot machine game for mobile and desktop computers, first released in 2021. It has both a multiplayer casino mode and a non-stop gambling mode. In fact, Gonzos Quest is the first online slot game of NetEnt, an award winning global provider »


  Elements has a new and exciting update that is sure to put a smile on every player’s face. The game has been completely revamped and gives the traditional slots a whole new look and feel. Five-reel, single-row, three-reel slot machine with twenty fixed payline. Bonus features include Wilds, Free »