Big Kahuna


The Big Kahuna is a new progressive slot machine that promises big payouts. Every spin triggers off a cacophony of sound, plus you may win huge cash prizes, which include a jackpot value of nearly 8k per spin! Wondering if this tropical-themed slot machine is the right one for you? If yes, read on below to learn more about this exciting casino game. In case you’re wondering how this particular slot machine works, here’s an explanation. Just like traditional slots, players put money on the machine and then choose from a variety of casino-themed icons to place their bets.

When the Big Kahuna slot spins, it randomly chooses one of two bonus icons. Players can decide to bet a fixed amount, or they can increase or decrease their stake depending on whether they feel the machine is “fair” or not. While in gameplay, the two icons will flash, one will usually be red and the other blue. It’s also possible for the icon to change in other circumstances, but this is uncommon. The Big Kahuna is a two-minute delay machine, and the graphics on screen look very real.

The actual gameplay is not too challenging, and even some seasoned casino veterans will have no problem adapting to the unique icons used in the Big Kahuna. The two bonus icons each give a different payout, and the wild icons, while not particularly rewarding, do provide a nice bit of “hassle” for the player. Some of the icons, such as the pineapple and wild berry, do require a little bit more thought than regular icons. Overall, it’s a fun and exciting game to play, and the two-minute delay is well worth the increased difficulty level.