Aces and Eights


Aces and Eights are both straightforward casino games that are commonly played at most casinos. You may be familiar with the rules for Aces and Eights, so the information here should not be necessary to you. If you are a new casino player, it is a good idea to learn the rules for this casino card game before actually start playing. This will save you time and help your game play. Below are some basic rules for this simple casino game.

When you are betting on Aces and Eights you are playing a pure game of chance. You are taking a look at all of the possible hands the casino can make at any point during the game and deciding if you want to bet them all or just part of one or two. Most players would say that it is better to bet the majority of the time and then just parts with a few pops here and there to keep you from getting your butt kicked. However, the house edge on Aces and Eights makes it a better option because the house always wins on Aces and Eights even when you don’t bet them.

When you are betting on Aces and Eights, you have to remember that you are only paying out the value of one aces or one sevens. This means that if you end up getting all of the aces and eights you will end up paying out more money than you would with two aces and two sevens. However, if you are only betting on one aces or one sevens you may find that you can get away with paying out less. Most experts will agree that it is a better option to pay out the full bet on Aces and Eights, even if you don’t win, than to pay out more to take a small percentage risk and not actually win. However, the casino will also always take into account any winnings after the house edge on Aces and Eights. While the casino will use the full bet amount to make their profit, they will use whatever they have left over to take a small percentage of your winnings.